Finalist for the 2017 Reynolds Price Prize in Fiction!

I wrote a short story called, “The Universe Can Be An Asshole”

First things first: congratulations to Jaquira Díaz for her winning story, “Carrazzo” and also to runner up, Rachel Furey for “The Whole World”! Please visit to read about these two talented authors. Their writing is impressive, and needless to say, I’m honored and frankly tickled pink that my short story The Universe Can Be An Asshole was shortlisted and made it to the finals.

I’ve been writing fiction a long time, but it never occurred to me until a few months ago to submit a story or two to journals or to enter blind writing contests. Duh.

The story I submitted to the Reynolds Price contest expands upon a chapter in a novel I’m writing and I must say, doing the work to transform it into a short story has also made it a better chapter for the book.


The protagonist in the short story is a secondary protagonist in the novel. Writing her as the main character in her own short story has allowed me to focus on her, to get to know her better. She is not just someone for the main character in the novel to interact with; she is a world unto herself, as we all are. I like her very much (though she is very flawed). I better see how she operates within the setting of the novel and particularly what she will bring out in the other characters.

By the way, I’m lucky to have a spouse who asks me about the characters in my stories as if they lived in the neighborhood. Sometimes we gossip about them for an entire dinner.

For what it’s worth. Keep writing…

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