The Woven Tale Press: Honorable Mention for My Story, “A Different Kind of Heart Attack.”

As always, first things first: Congratulations to the winners of the The Woven Tale Press 2017 Literary and Fine Arts Competition! Click on the link below to learn about the writers and artists whose work will move you, entertain you, and delight you.

The Woven Tale Press is an online literary journal started in 2013 by editor in chief, Sandra Tyler (who is also an author and teacher of writing) whose enthusiastic devotion to the arts in all forms has created an inspiring forum for writers and artists to move within. She has also gathered together an exciting editorial staff, including DeWitt Henry who judged the 2017 literary competition.

My story, A Different Kind of Heart Attack, received an honorable mention in this contest. As I’ve shared before, I’ve been one of those fiction writers who has stayed quiet about my stories. The reasons are many and complex and quite silly, and I wouldn’t stand for any of them if they came  from one of my nieces or nephews lets say, or from a friend. But basically I admire writers so much that I just didn’t think I was “good enough” to place myself among them. I’m still not sure about it of course; I have a long way to go.

Editors like Sandra Tyler encourage writers and artists to be speak up, and get their work out into the world — she wants us all to have websites so we can interact with a larger community and so that people can find us. It means so much to me to have these opportunities and to receive recognition once in a while or get a story published, just to keep me believing that maybe I’m on the right path.

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