About Elle

Elle grew up in the Chicago area, one of seven girls. In adulthood, she lived in several Midwestern and other states before settling in California. She and her sisters were voracious readers and individually and together they spent many hours at the library and the summer book mobile. She also wrote many stories – mostly about animals back then – but also about people trying to make life work out, one way or another. She loved writing plays and skits for variety shows in the style of Carol Burnett (major role model and hero), and she forced her good-natured sisters, who were really quite young at the time, to memorize their parts.

Eventually Elle also began to notice how writers write and became enthralled with understanding what makes for a good story.

Elle graduated from Illinois State University and immediately began work teaching. She worked in education for many years before starting a consulting business. In 2006 she earned a PhD. in Organizational Learning from the University of New Mexico. During this time she wrote several non-fiction books related to her work and research.

In her free time however, she kept writing fiction, and over the last four years in her spare time, she wrote a novel. A self-proclaimed slow learner and late bloomer, It did not occur to her until very recently that she could send her short stories to literary journals.

Currently she is working on revisions to her first novel (undergoing  revision and rewrite) and is writing other short and long stories.